The act or instance of placing two elements close together or side by side to compare and contrast. It is often done to provoke thought.
With this campaign and collection, we wanted to provoke thought, delve deep and start conversations. 
The aim was to introduce the ethos and the rebrand of Svosva through our pieces and messaging. Conceptualising and understanding the meaning behind the brand has taken a long time, but it has always been right in front of us. Svosva is an embodiment of culture & power. Culture pertains to heritage and imprint, power pertains to the ideology of an infinite number of seats at the table. With the rebrand we introduced the element of opulence.
Tadi personally ensures that every piece of clothing created at Svosva is exceptionally high quality, and she is equally passionate about ensuring a wonderful shopping experience from start to finish. Her relationship with her customers is a cornerstone of how Tadi likes to work, ensuring she is always accessible and never hiding behind the brand; she is present and involved every step of the way.
So the juxtaposition collection had to combine, culture, power and opulence in its pieces and the messaging. The pieces themselves show cultural elements along with the sound associated with the brand. Power is represented in the setting of the campaign and the visuals. Opulence is in everything. The clothes, the campaigns and the overall branding. The name juxtaposition came about because it is the a word that the the creative director likes. We had to work out how we could link it to our art, but upon creating the pieces and coming up with the campaign, the word was fitting.
In our campaign you will see imagery of streetwear in an old english castle, that in its self is a juxtaposition. We knew we wanted the campaign for this collection to be in an extraordinary location. In fact the campaign planned before the collection reached completion. You don’t typically associate a castle with street fashion. Street fashion in places it typically wouldn’t belong. Exploring areas that don’t usually interest what would be a typical customer of Svosva. But these spaces fascinating and there is nothing more grand or deemed luxurious than that of a castle.
It's street fashion but let's make it opulent in the most extreme and extraordinary way.
Let's flip this on its head.

Contemporary Fashion House. Designed and Made in Italy & London.