The name Phumla means rest, refresh or relieve. It is the Xhosa name given to our mother. SVOSVA is an embodiment of culture and power. Each collection we create must reflect our ethos. There is power in rest, it recharges your mind, body and spirit and allows you to perform better. Phumla the name originates from South Africa which is a part of our heritage and the culture we look to push forward. 
So what makes a garment Phumla?
Each garment will be recognised by the bespoke Phumla print. When we look at the Phumla print it brings a sense of calm. The print has no harsh lines and it just floats and flows. Each garment has a unique placement of this print so every piece is different. We didn't want Phumla to just come and go, so Phumla is not a stand-alone collection. It comprises multiple series. Series one paves the way for SVOSVA's first resort collection made up of 2 delicately Italian handmade dresses. Both dresses are crafted in high-quality Mulberry silk milled just for Svosva.
Named after our sister, drapes elegantly on the body making it a staple piece to the range. This mid-length printed silk slip dress is the perfect summer staple. It is lightweight and breathable, while the eye-catching print adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. 
Also named after our sister, is a short-printed silk slip dress with a halter neck that is perfect for summer. It is both lightweight and breathable, while the halter neck adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Contemporary Fashion House. Designed and Made in Italy & London.