SVOSVA is a contemporary streetwear brand designed in the UK and made in Italy. Our ready-to-wear is engineered to last. All materials are meticulously scrutinised for optimal longevity. 

All our collections have been skilfully made in Italy. Italy is renowned for their expertise and attention to detail. We wanted to ensure that we used the best craftsmanship to create each piece. 

Our focus is quality not quantity. All our collections are small limited releases. This not only allows us to remain exclusive, it also means we are not mass producing garments that will end up in a landfill. Your Svosva pieces are sewn to last and will become a part of your wardrobe for years. We have spared nothing when it comes to manufacturing. After years of research, we found producing our garments in Italy is the only we can ensure that our collection meets our standard and the standard of our customers. This is timeless fashion and our pieces are worth the investment. 


It all started when we were experimenting with bleach and an old black t-shirt back in 2016. It created an orange pattern that was unique to every garment.

What was a hobby, turned into dream and is now a contemporary street wear brand.  

We learnt how to produce the clothing ourselves with our heat press and sewing machine. In the early stages, this allowed us to participate in events that have shaped our growth and given us well needed confidence. With a Concept Store in Paris for one week and being in April 2020 Issue of GQ Magazine we are well on our way to where we want to be. 


The name SVOSVA pronounced ( Sh'vo - Sh'va ) is shona for "Try me and you will see". 

Our name our logo is inspired by our heritage. A totem is an animal that is believed to have spiritual significance by a society. We wanted our logo to represent this. Though our brand is not visibly and obviously inspired by our heritage. Our name and symbolism will always be a nod to where we came from.