When anyone comes across our brand, they are intrigued by the name, so we recon it's best to start our story from there. The name SVOSVA pronounced ( sh'vo - sh'va ) is shona for "try me and you will see". Shona is the native language of Zimbabwe which is where we are originally from and is where a lot of the inspiration behind the concept of the brand comes from. 
Along with the name our logo is also inspired by our heritage. In our culture, each family has a totem. A totem is an animal that is believed to have spiritual significance by a society. With that in mind, we wanted our logo to represent our totem which is the Eland. We came up with the logo following a trip to Namibia, where we were inspired by the decor of the hotel we stayed in. The hotel had a statue of a mirrored Eland and from that we came up with the final drawing of our logo. You find this logo in our packaging and our hang tags.