It all started when we (a brother and sister duo) were experimenting with bleach and an old black t-shirt. We found that it created an orange effect and when we posted it on our personal social media platforms. People expressed an interested in buying our bleached t-shirts and we realised we were onto something. With no clear direction at the time we thought we need to come up with a name so we can start market these T-shirts. We happened to glance down at a letter to my dad whilst brainstorming and we realised that is middle name was quite cool and that is how Svosva was born. Svosva has taken many turns before arriving at this point. When we first started building Svosva, we found that the resources were limited when it came to small clothing brands. The resources were so scarce that we learnt how to produce the clothing ourselves with our heat press and sewing machine. In the early stages, this allowed us to participate in events that have shaped our growth and given us well needed confidence. So far we have participated in a small fashion show in London, a pop up shop called Table Bay and exhibited at a Kent Business Event. We also recently went to Paris and showcased in a Concept Store for one week near the Eiffel Tower. We were also in the April Issue of GQ Magazine.