It all started when we were experimenting with bleach and an old black t-shirt. It created an orange pattern that was unique to every garment. People expressed an interested in buying our unique t-shirts and we realised we were onto something. The name Svosva meaning 'Try me and you will see" seemed fitting and from that the brand formed. What was a hobby, turned into dream and is now a contemporary street wear brand.  

When we first started building Svosva, we found that the resources were limited when it came to small clothing brands. The resources were so scarce that we learnt how to produce the clothing ourselves with our heat press and sewing machine. In the early stages, this allowed us to participate in events that have shaped our growth and given us well needed confidence. With a Concept Store in Paris for one week and being in April 2020 Issue of GQ Magazine we are well on our way to where we want to be.