The Naya print©️ was curated from a mood board that combines futurism and Afrocentrism; past and present. We wanted the print to represent these juxtapositions and for them to be produced artistically so that everyone can feel like they can wear it. A bold and powerful print, the Naya was the first confirmed piece in the juxtaposition collection. It had several changes since then, however we are happy with the final design. The Naya print, forms the bases of many of the other prints in this collection and is what really brought everything to life.  
So why did we want Naya to represent afrocentrism and futurism?
Svosva the brand is an embodiment of culture and power and we wanted the pieces in the juxtaposition collection to represent this. This is particularly apparent in the afrocentrism of the piece. Our mood board has imagery from rural parts of southern Africa, along with elements of art work pieces found in my home. The artwork was purchased whilst on a trip to Zimbabwe and it is a piece that has been with my family for a while. We knew that we wanted the T-shirts in our collection to be artistic and bold. 
The aspect of futurism, originally came from a 3 dimensional design that was due to form apart of this new collection. The design had been inspired by looks that we had been seeing on social media and it was a design that came about before the theme of the collection had been finalised. The mood of that design, never felt complete, but when we incorporated the element of afrocentrism is completely transformed the direction of the collection.
So why the name Naya? 
For this collection, we wanted to name some of the pieces after the new generation. The new generation is our future, and with the collection representing futurism the choice of names just made sense. 

Contemporary Fashion House. Designed and Made in Italy & London.